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Remodels and existing home projects

New home owner project in El Cerrito

Home owner contacted us regarding his purchase of new home. Before moving in he wanted to install blown in insulation into the exterior walls for thermal and acoustic purposes.


Blown in cellulose in attic

In this project we blew 12 inches of cellulose as instructed by home owner who wanted eco friendly material.


Attic air sealing

Before adding insulation to the attic we did a attic air seal to help home be more energy efficient.


Existing attic insulation

Home owner called us saying their attic didn't have insulation and was too hot in summer and in winter the heater wouldn't stop running. We installed Owen corning pink R38 batt insulation.


Drill and fill project in Richmond Ca.

We were called to check this project during winter time. As soon as i walked into the room you could feel a temperature change and as soon as I touched the wall it felt wet. Tenant informed me that this was causing mold problems. Land lord decided to blow insulation into walls to help with that.

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